Nichole DiGiuseppi, E-RYT 200, Certified Accessible Yoga Teacher, Owner


My path to yoga started over 10 yrs ago. I began practicing while searching for relief from low-back pain. I fell in love with the stillness and peace I found within myself. I became certified in The Dynamic Yoga Method and registered with Yoga Alliance in 2015.

I began teaching classes and I noticed a lack of diversity and accessibility in most yoga studios and offerings in classes. I also wanted to learn more about a trauma-informed approach to teaching along with creating a space that was inclusive and welcoming for everybody. I then trained with Amber Karnes of Body Positive Yoga and became a Certified Accessible Yoga teacher in 2019.

I am excited to further develop my craft by studying with Jules Mitchell MS, CMT,ERYT500, this year(2020).  Her unique approach incorporates biomechanics and pain science with the modern application of yoga asana. This involves balancing the somatic aspects of yoga with current exercise science. I believe every individual is unique and teaching yoga should be a collaborative, creative process between teacher and student. 

I opened The Bee's Knees Yoga Studio because I wanted to bring more diversity to yoga spaces and create a space that was welcoming and inclusive. I wanted to make yoga more accessible to all students, regardless of ability or background. When I am not at the studio, I am appreciating my joy-filled, quiet life at home with my wife, Angel, our son, Jackson, and 3 goofy rescue pups.

-Nichole teaches the LGBTQIA+ Community Class, Yoga Basics, Slow Flow Yoga, Yoga For All Bodies, Yoga Cocooning & Restorative/Yoga Nidra. She leads & facilitates workshops for children with ASD/ADHD. She is also available for private/solo sessions. Please call the studio for more information.

Candice Shaw, MPT, PMA®-CPT


I began my Pilates journey working as a physical therapist in Farmington, Connecticut. Our clinic equipment included Balanced Body Pilates Reformers, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, Combo Chair, and Magic Circle. One of my co-workers was a Master Pilates Trainer who helped me introduce Pilates movements to my patients. I studied Mat Pilates through Polestar Pilates Teacher Training in 2012. The benefits of this system of exercise were profound for my rehab patients and for my body. 

I continued to use Mat Pilates in my physical therapy practice when we moved back to Missouri. In 2016, I left the healthcare industry to focus on wellness and complete my Pilates certification.

I am currently teaching group Pilates classes and training private clients. I have been a yoga enthusiast for years and I am excited to begin studying Hatha Yoga through Jane’s House of Well Being Teacher Training.

Dannielle Roach, CYT500


I spent the majority of the first yoga class I ever attended in tears. Thankfully the lighting was low.  The tears were because that mean girl in my head was berating me with one insulting thought after another. I'm still not entirely sure why I went back but I'm very glad I did. At some point I found that during my yoga practice I had the presence of mind to not only hear that internal mean girl quite clearly, but I also had the ability to speak back to her. I stopped inviting her to my yoga practice. 

My yoga practice became  a tool for acceptance in my life. I made peace with life issues, medical issues, surgeries and recoveries, weight fluctuations, etc. on the mat. I began to see myself as strong. Now the words on repeat in my head were, "I can do hard things.".

One of those hard things was to become a yoga teacher. I completed my 200 hour training with Jane's House of Well Being in 2013 and an additional 300 hours of training with Circle Yoga Shala in 2015.

Some come to yoga to find their strength and to find joy in effort. Others wish to explore mobility and balance. Some are inviting mindfulness or are opening to healing, acceptance, or peace. As a teacher, my intention is to create a space in which students might find what they need. 

I still tell myself I can do hard things. Now I've also learned to question whether the things must be hard.

-Dannielle teaches Slow Flow Yoga & Yoga For All Bodies at BKY Studio. She is also available for private/solo sessions. Please call the studio for more information. 


Mary Olson, E-RYT 200


One of the best decisions that I’ve ever made in my life was the decision to start and commit myself to a Hatha yoga practice in 2011. At the time, I was in desperate need of healing from childhood trauma and relief from the pain caused from having Multiple Sclerosis. I was at the point where I knew that I had to do something different and somewhere deep inside myself I knew that I wanted to find a way to help others. With the encouragement of my husband, I decided to go through teacher training in 2012. 

It turned out that teacher training was the mirror back to myself on how broken I truly was. With the teachings, love and support that I have received from the yoga community I found my way out of the darkness and into the light. Through yoga, I found my way back to my true self, the person I was before trauma happened.  

I am now able to cope with the stresses of life in a healthier manner. I live with love, support, and the giving of myself to others to act as my guide through this adventure we call “life.”  I now dedicate a lot of my time working with students that live their life with Multiple Sclerosis and other physical limitations.  I love my work that I do with the organization  “MS Bright Spots of Hope.” We offer meetings and conferences here in the St Louis area as well as traveling the country a couple times a year. We focus on talking to those who are interested in living a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise.  Exercises that can be done while living with MS. Along with talks on the physical and mental complications that people with MS have to deal with everyday while offering support to the ones that care for them. 

Ken Madison, RYT 200


What's a fellow to do?  Leaving the military after twenty years in great physical shape, I found that Martial Arts tended to fill the fitness void but one day after an annual physical, my doctor called to tell me I had a heart condition and could not continue practicing at the intense levels Martial Arts demanded. Working for a global credit card company as a data center network engineer, things tend to get quite stressful on any given day. Without martial arts to "release" that tension, I was feeling the effects and becoming quite stiff in the upper body and needed some practical way to deal with it.

While driving my wife to a her yoga class one evening, I was able to chat with some of the other people attending. It sounded interesting and after about two weeks of taking classes I was noticing that I was loosening up. The more I practiced, the more I was intrigued, not only the poses and how I was calmly instructed to do them, but how it made me feel about myself. I signed up for Jane's House 200 hour teacher training program for my own yoga growth, graduated in 2017, and I began teaching later that year.  

Having attended workshops concerned with making yoga more accessible to people, it occured to me that a veteran might feel more at ease with a teacher that understood their past military culture having spent 20 years in uniform myself.  I can serve (again) as a bridge between a warrior's past experiences and rediscovering their the inner peace through Yoga.  

I am thrilled to join the wonderful teachers at The Bee's Knees Yoga studio. The many people I have had the privilege to share the gift of Yoga with have like myself, re-discovered themselves in a non-judgmental atmosphere connecting the Mind and Body with the Breath. Come to class with a beginner's mind and find yourself in movement toward stillness. 

-Ken teaches Yoga Basics at BKY Studio. His approach to teaching helps students live with and manage the mental/physical aspects related to trauma. 






"I have followed Nichole to community centers, parks, places of worship and other studios in order to benefit from her yoga class. She is an authentic, kind, and welcoming woman who shares herself with others. I admire her ability to relate to others by displaying her insecurities without shame. She encourages us to look beyond the traditional image of an athlete and urges us to break the mold. She leaves me with a kinder soul and a gentler spirit." 

-Anne P.  



Nichole is amazing!! As a yogi who is not very consistent with my practice, she was the best possible instructor to have. We were able to improve some poses I had mastered, while still helping with some of the very basics. Her patience with my lack of knowledge was inspiring and her assistance with any modification was incredibly helpful! I would highly recommend Nichole and The Bee's Knees Yoga to everyone regardless of body type or lifestyle!

-Rachel K.



Nichole is a very engaging yoga instructor who is attentive to each of her students' needs. She goes above and beyond to create an inclusive learning environment, which allows all students to naturally blend as a cohesive group. Nichole is always open to modifying the techniques she demonstrates in class and presents a welcome environment for any student wishing to do so.

 -Trista P.



I’m not an athletic or exercise type person but I do enjoy Pilates with Candice weekly. She gives a complete full body workout and explains each exercise as we perform them to keep us focused on using proper muscles at all times. Candice is very personable and helps keep class lively and before you realize it the hour class has ended. Thanks Candice, for keeping me moving and working all my muscles. 




I love Candice’s class because she is so fluid with movements and patient in her disposition. She keeps the class moving and you leave feeling stretched and poised.

Candice is so gentle in instruction, but you get a great workout. You leave class feeling strong and empowered. She knows her stuff!



Candice is a warm and articulate instructor whose classes, sequencing and alignment cues create a st

Candice is a warm and articulate instructor whose classes, sequencing and alignment cues create a strong foundation for students to grow and thrive on in class and beyond the studio. She weaves her anatomy expertise with the more soulful and philosophic aspects of yoga and Pilates to create truly empowering classes for all. Candice's classes are accessible, informative and fun. I appreciate that Candice is attentive to each student and able to offer modifications for all. I love taking Candice's classes and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to rediscover their own power and greet life with more "zest and pleasure."